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Choosing to install solar for your home or business is a great investment decision.  You can also feel good about your purchase since you will be contributing to a cleaner planet by producing your own renewable energy. Installing solar can provide you with instant savings.  Take advantage of the Sun's energy and reduce your electric consumption by 50%-80% on average.  If you have the space, maybe you want to go for 100% solar.  Limited incentives are available for both commercial and residential solar projects from the Energy Trust, along with federal tax credit.

Let our experienced team help guide you through the process of going solar.  We use industry leading products and work with all necessary agencies to make sure your installation goes smoothly from start to finish.  If you are not a good candidate for roof mounted solar, a ground mount system may be a good option if you have the available acreage.  The benefit of a ground mount system is you are generally not constrained by space (like a roof mounted system).  You also have easy accessibility to your solar panels (e.g. easy to clean off any soiling on panels).  


Ground Mount Solar Installations