There are a variety of Inverter manufacturers on the markets.  The top inverter we install on most projects is SolarEdge HD Wave grid-tied inverter.  We like SolarEdge because of their shade mitigating technology through the use of power optimizers and their top notch customer service and installer support.  They also have great warranties on their equipment.  They provide a 12 year product warranty with the ability to extend the warranty after purchase to 20 or 25 years. The power optimizers have a 25 year limited warranty. SolarEdge also has a Home Hub Inverter that is a grid hybrid inverter so that you can add batteries now or in the future without needing to purchase another inverter.   The SolarEdge Home System allows you to integrate all of your SolarEdge products together to monitor and control your system directly from your smart phone.  

Some customers prefer a microinverter over a string inverter. So, we also install and recommend Enphase Microinverters. They provide a 25 year warranty on their microinverters and a 5 year warranty on their combiner panel.  Enphase also has exclusivesunlight back-up technology available that allows you to tap into what your solar is producing during the day if the electrical grid is down.  Extra equipment is required to get this to work and it is not a battery, so it does not help you at night. Enphase does have battery products available for either essential load back-up or more of a whole home back-up solution. 

Both SolarEdge and Enphase make fantastic products with great warranties.  SolarEdge is usually more of an affordable option depending on the system size of your project and if there are multiple arrays or multiple inverters required. Choosing SolarEdge usually saves you around $600-$1,000 over Enphase. Depending on the situation, we may recommend one over the other.  If you think future expansion might be something you are interested in, we may recommend using Enphase instead of SolarEdge.  You aren't constrained by the AC output of a string inverter like SolarEdge. You can just add more microinverters to the system. 


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